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BASIC Aquariums by AA is a line of easy to use all-in-one starter aquariums, each equipped with LED lighting & fully closed tank top filtration with easy change filter cartridges. 



- Rimless cover design eliminates water & salt marks at the side of the hood. 

- Large hinged cover for easy removal of filter box and pump for cleaning. Complete freedom to decorate the aquarium and carrying out maintenance.

- LEDs are fully enclosed into a singular polycarbonate (PC) tube offering maximum protection against moisture. Comes with a USB plug, color lens and an adapter. 

- Fully enclosed tank top filtration with easy change filter cartridges (small size), powered by an UL listed water pump rated up to 50GPH (200L/Hr). 

- Glass tank sealed with premium German silicone with superior UV & weather resistance. 

- Suitable for coldwater or tropical* setup (*a heater is required, not included)

- 1-year limited warranty (wear & tear parts not included)

- Dimensions in inches: 14.6 (L) x 9.3 (D) x 13.2 (H)

- Capacity: 5Ga / 20L


Model: AA370LGK-W

BASIC 20 Aquarium (5Ga/20L)

$89.00 Regular Price
$44.50Sale Price
  • Q: The water pump doesn't work. 

    A: For the initial start, make sure water level covers the water pump's impeller position (halfway of the pump). This is a submersible pump which will work properly even under water. 

    If the water level covers the water pump and it still doesn't work. Clean the water pump according to the "Pump Cleaning" video above.

    Q: The LED isn't lighting up

    A: Make sure the USB adapter is plugged into the main supply and is securely connected. Push the switch to "ON" position. If the LED doesn't light up, please contact us at "Contact".

    Q: How to get more air from Self-Aeration?

    A: Make sure NOT to put extra filter media into the filter box as this will reduce the flow and reduce air bubbles in Self-Aeration. The bubbles by Self-Aeration are enough for normal fish keeping. Add a separate air pump if needed. 

    Q: The noise of water returning to the tank is noisy. 

    A: A Silencer can be attached to the water outlet, this will create a slide for water to return to the tank silently. 

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