• Do you remember to change your fountain filter every month?  The Filter Change Indicator is a handy reminder to help keep the water effectively filtered and fresh for your pets  
  • Simply press the button (smartly integrated into the spout of the fountain) to activate timing. The LED will start flashing in 30 days. After replacing the filter, simply press the button again. 
  • Filter Change Indicator is perfect for Dog H2O (DH020, 6L) & Cat H2O (CH010, 2L) fountains. 
  • Includes a CR2032 button cell battery
  • A bonus filter pad for Dog H2O and Cat H2O fountains. 


When was the last time you change the batteries in your TV’s remote control? You change it when stops working! 


Wouldn’t it be nice if your pet fountain reminded you to change the filter to maintain protection for your pet?


Cat H2O has designed a Filter Change Indicator built into the spout. To activate simply press the button and the LED indicator will blink. Timing will start to “count” for 30 days. After 30 days the LED will start flashing to remind you it’s time to change the filter! Once you have replaced the filter, simply press the button again and restart timing. 


It’s a handy reminder to help keep your pet’s water filtered and fresh! 


Just remember NOT to put this in the dishwasher.

Filter Change Indicator + Filter Pad

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