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The Green* Killing Machine (GKM) makes fighting green water easier as it is an internal UV - that is, a UV system that you simply drop into your tank for a full UV protection. UV radiation is effective in controlling water contaminants, in turn clearing up green water.

- Water pump included
- Simple 1-2-3 installation
- Submersible assembly
- No external pipes or plumbing
- Suction cup mounting - no hardware required

- Can be placed vertically, horizontally or in a filter sump.
- LED signals need for UV Bulb replacement
- 12V low voltage design
- Zigzag flow designs for maximum exposure time
- Unique Patent Pending Technology
- Filtration pump 120GPH (430L/Hr) and sponge inclusive
- Treats up to 100Ga (400L) of saltwater & fresh water aquariums
- UL & cUL listed

HELPFUL HINT : Once your water is clear, there is no need to keep your GKM ON 24/7. This will help increase the life of your bulb. 


All GKM products are manufactured in an EPA Registered Establishment


* Controls Green Water

* Lamp contains Mercury. Manage in Accordance with State Disposal Laws. 


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