Having trouble with your water pump in Dog H2O and Cat H2O water fountains? Most times you will find some hair stuck inside the impeller assembly. We recommend to carry out Pump Maintenance monthly to ensure pump and fountain is running smoothly. 


This replacement water pump will work well with your Dog H2O fountain (200 fl.oz. / 6L model: DH020) or Cat H2O fountain (67 fl. oz. / 2L model: CH010), it comes with a 1 year limited warranty. For any issues relating to the pump, please email to service@myDogH2O.com or call us at +1 (203) 438-6078.


Replacement filter pump for Dog H2O & Cat H2O water fountains, version 2 with larger strainer to block off more hair and EZ open pump cover for pump maintenance. 


UL & CUL listed with 5.7ft cord

Replacement Filter Pump (Version 2) for Dog H2O & Cat H2O water fountains


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