Suitable for use with Green Killing Machine 9W

Sealed UV bulb design, we make sure every bulb is sealed 100% and avoid UV housing deteriorate over time, it's a fresh housing with every bulb change.

HELPFUL HINT : Once your water is clear, there is no need to keep your  Green Killing Machine UV sterilizer on 24/7. This will help increase the life of the UV lamp.


All GKM products are manufactured in an EPA Registered Establishment

Spare Bulb UV9W

  • Q: Is there a way to replace the bulb?

    A: No, the unit is a modular design made to be replaceable as a single unit, making it less wasteful than competitive units that require frequent part replacements. UV light wears away plastic housings, so your safety is secure as the housing is replaced with every change.


Q: How come my bulb looks old with dust all over it?

    A: If you notice a slight whitish powder on the surface of your Green Killing Machine, simply rinse it off. This powder is due to the special high-performance plastics we use that withstands the intense UVC bulb in the Green Killing Machine.

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